Language and the Arts  

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English/ESL Tutoring offered in person and Online... Call 832-528-1262 or click on contact. Please feel free to call with questions:)

Welcome! This is an opportunity for individuals who want to strengthen their language skills in a positive and productive light. Learning is a unique experience for us all. What type of learner are you? Are you Auditory, Visual, Tactile/Kinesthetic or a combination? Read the characteristics below to better understand your learning style.


-Mind sometimes strays during verbal activities

-Observe rather than acts or talks

-Likes to read

-Usually a good speller

-Memorizes by seeing graphics or pics

-Not too distractible

-Finds verbal instruction difficult

-Has good handwriting

-uses advanced planning


-Quiet by nature

-Meticulous, neat in appearance

-Notices details


-Talks to self aloud

-Enjoys talking

-Easily distracted

-Has difficulty with written directions

-Likes to be read to

-Memorizes sequentially

-Enjoys music

-Whispers to self while reading

-Distracted by noise

-Hums or sings

-Outgoing by nature

-Enjoys listening activities


-Likes physical rewards

-In motion most of the time

-Likes to touch people when talking

-Taps pencil or foot when studying

-Enjoys doing activities

-Reading not a priority

-Poor speller

-Likes to solve problems by physically working through them

-Will try new things

-Outgoing by nature;expresses emotions by physical means

-Uses hands while talking

-Dresses for comfort

It is great to maintain a sense of humor while learning...