Why do we need to bridge the gap of communication in the workplace?

What does research tell us about communication in the workplace?

Several Studies have revealed that 80% of employees feel their is miscommunication in their workplace; accountability is often overlooked. Also, more than half of employees do not feel they can speak their mind freely at work.

Technology is also a source for miscommunication in the workplace because email, texting and phone usage are more susceptible to misinterpretation.

32.5% of respondents thought supervisors were most responsible for communicating most clearly.

Interestingly, group conversations are the most likely to result in miscommunication due to individual perceptions interpreting messages differently. 46% of employees rarely leave a meeting knowing what they are supposed to do or having the ability to summarize the main points of the meetings.

Developing trust in the work environment is so important. Communication is at the core and studies show organizations need to strengthen their muscles around clear conversations and transparent messaging.

How can our workshops help evolve communication in your workplace?

Each workshop is designed to specifically suit each unique business/ situational environment.

Building bridges through language and art by creating awareness of communication is the first step. Individual and group workshops are  offered by fusing conversational English with Art without books. This workshop is aimed toward the Second English Language Speaker. We work to make everyone feel as though they are of equal value buy conveying clear messages everyone feels they are a valuable part of the 


Creative workshops are also offered in the professional setting to inspire clear transmission and teamwork as professional development.

Through a chosen art and language activity based on the situational environment we aim to create an awareness around the individual's inner dialogue in order to promote positivity and self-awareness while on the team. This helps to create more unity and therefor the ability to perceive clearer messages.

The Language and Art workshops incorporate mindfulness and positive inner dialogue. Inspiring reflection and self-awareness within the team that offers insight, harmony and relational balance and in turn a more efficient work place. Through relaxation of the mind, focus on the person collectively and individually while engaging in positive inner dialogue creates potential for presence and a  more satisfying workplace dynamic because of more fluid inclusion.