Workshop Information

Our approaches have been created because we live in a society where people have strong beliefs, opinions and conceived notions based on previous experiences; where active listening needs to be reinforced in order to build positive and productive communication amongst individuals in the workplace and schools. Click on "Why work with us?" to learn more about our philosophy and informational research about miscommunication and what it creates.

What is the Free Flow Approach?

The free flow approach is a method created in order to inspire creativity and inspiration with less pre-conceived notion in order to inspire more positive inner dialogue and effective communication. The Free Flow approach is used in the Workshops in order to create awareness of barriers such as anxiety or insecurity that can introduce themselves into the workplace and create the dynamic of miscommunication. 

What is the 5 Minute Switch Method?

The 5 Minute Switch Method is used in most of the group workshops because it takes away ownership from the individual and gives it to the team. Thus allowing more active listening and not getting caught up with individual inner dialogue in the moment. (Example workshop)Each small group starts off with a canvas and every 5 minutes or so they switch so at the end of the session there is time for self reflection where everyone is a part of each canvas creation.  

Who participates in our Workshops?
- K-12 students
- Persons who have English as a Second Language
-Administrators (all types)
-Employees ( all types)
-Small businesses

Our workshop format:
Our workshop formats vary depending on the context. Although, the basis for each workshop is the same. We fuse art and language in order to bridge gaps of communication and inspire positive environments.

How is Content created for the Workshops?
Content is created specifically for each request. For example, if we are creating a training workshop for all staff in a restaurant we would create language context around the workshop that directly relates to the restaurant and the needs of the staff.

Workshop Fees and Materials
The workshops fee starts at a introductory rate of $65 for a 20 minute introduction sneak peak and move up from there depending on time, needs and preparation. The average cost of a 1 hr. workshop for 6 people or less is $125 plus materials (10$per person).